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The donating organization usually performs more than a dozen tests to ensure the safety of the donated blood. Donated blood can only last for a certain time and must be used before it expires. As a result, blood banks and hospitals have almost a continuous need for donated blood.

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Potential blood donors must meet several requirements before they can give blood. They must be in good health and weight at least pounds.

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Age requirements can vary from state to state, but most allow those between the age of 16 and 17 to donate with a parent's permission, as well as anyone older. If a person does decide to donate blood, they should get a good night's rest before and avoid eating high-fat foods on the day of the testing. High-fat foods may cause false results in some of the tests carried out on the day of giving blood.

Drinking plenty of water before and after blood donation can help a person rebuild fluids they have lost by their donation. Those who donate platelets, which are the part of the blood that helps in clotting, should not take aspirin before giving blood. This drug thins the blood, and so the donor may have problems if they experience bleeding.

As it takes some time for a person's body to replace the missing blood, most donors cannot give blood sooner than every 56 days. According to the American Red Cross , someone in the U. The Red Cross also reports that nearly 7 million people in the U. A tremendous need for blood and blood products exists for those who find themselves chronically or acutely ill and experiencing blood loss.

Some of the most common chronic conditions that may require frequent blood transfusions include sickle cell disease and cancers. If a person has concerns or questions about the safety and advantages or disadvantages of blood donation, they should contact their local American Red Cross, hospital, or medical center to understand the blood collection process, screening, and safety.

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In this way, hundreds of lives have been saved in our country. Among the blood groups, O-positive group is the universal donor, and can be transferred in the blood stream of persons of any other group. It is a safe and easy process which takes approximately 45 minutes. Generally, anyone age 16 or older, weighing at least pounds and in good health, can donate blood. There is an eight-week waiting period between donations.

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essay donate blood save life Essay donate blood save life
essay donate blood save life Essay donate blood save life
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essay donate blood save life Essay donate blood save life
essay donate blood save life Essay donate blood save life
essay donate blood save life Essay donate blood save life
Essay donate blood save life

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