Thesis on catharanthus roseus

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The transcriptomic databases of Catharanthus roseus and various MIA producing plants are facilitating bioinformatic approaches to identify novel MIA biosynthetic genes.

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Virus-induced gene silencing VIGS is being used to screen these candidate genes for their involvement in iridoid biosynthesis pathway, especially in the identification of 7-deoxyloganic acid 7-hydroxylase CrDL7H shown by the accumulation of its substrate, 7-deoxyloganic acid and decreased level of secologanin along with catharanthine and vindoline. VIGS can also confirm the biochemical function of genes being identified, such as in the glucosylation of 7-deoxyloganetic acid by CrUGT8 shown by decreased level of secologanin and MIAs within silenced plants.

Silencing of other iridoid biosynthetic genes, loganic acid O-methyltransferase LAMT and secologanin synthase SLS also confirm the metabolic route for iridoid biosynthesis in planta through 7-deoxyloganic acid, loganic acid, and loganin intermediates. Further localization studies of CrUGT8 and CrDL7H also show that these genes are preferentially expressed within Catharanthus leaves rather than in epidermal cells where the last two steps of secologanin biosynthesis occur.

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Through sonicationassisted Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated genetic transformationsystem,11independent transgenic C. The genes which were integrated in the genomes of transgenic C.

The tranformants were further analyzed by real-time PCR, and the results indicated that the genes wereover-expressed in transgenic C. The contents of three TIAs asvindoline, catharanthine and vinblastine in transgenic C.

Current Research and Future Prospects

Compared to the control non-transgenic plants , thecontents of the TIAs such as vindoline, catharanthine and vinblastine intransgenic C. Don was obtained bycolchicine induction from seeds explants, and the ploidy of the plants wasidentified by flow cytometry. The optimal treatment is0.

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Biochemical studies on plant tissue culture of Catharanthus roseus. Author Raab, Ronald William. Metadata Show full item record.

thesis on catharanthus roseus Thesis on catharanthus roseus
thesis on catharanthus roseus Thesis on catharanthus roseus
thesis on catharanthus roseus Thesis on catharanthus roseus
thesis on catharanthus roseus Thesis on catharanthus roseus
thesis on catharanthus roseus Thesis on catharanthus roseus

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