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So, if you have a paper with two levels of headings, you would use Level 1 formatting for the higher level and Level 2 formatting for the lower level. Similarly, if you have a paper with five levels of headings, you would use Level 1 formatting for the highest level and Level 5 formatting for the lowest level.

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A typical quotation is enclosed in double quotation marks and is part of a sentence within a paragraph of your paper. However, if a quotation takes up more than five lines in your paper, you should format it as a block quotation rather than as a regular quotation within the text of a paragraph. Most of the standard rules for quotations still apply, with the following exceptions: a block quotation will begin on its own line skip a line before and after the block quotation , it will not be enclosed in quotation marks, and its in-text citation will come after the ending punctuation, not before it.

Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not YET sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favour; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom.

But the tumult soon subsides.

Chicago Style Citation Guide: Sample Papers

The full reference for this source would then be included in your References section at the end of your paper. Each line of the block quotation should be indented from the left margin the same distance as the first lines of your regular body paragraphs. Unlike the rest of your paper, it should be single-spaced. And as with series and lists, to better visually distinguish a block quotation from the surrounding text, be sure to leave an extra blank line between the last line of the block quotation and the first line of the following paragraph.

Citing - How to Cite in Chicago/Turabian Style: A Three Minute Tutorial

When you need to summarize quantitative data, words can only go so far. Sometimes, using a chart, graph, or other visual representation can be useful in proving your point. A table is a chart that presents numerical information in a grid format.

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When you mention a table in the text of your paper, make sure you refer to it by its number e. Format your tables as simply as possible.

Sample Title Pages

Do not use bold or italicized text, and do not overuse borders. Generally, you should have only three horizontal lines in your table: one immediately above and one immediately below the column headings, and one at the bottom of the table, to help separate it from the surrounding text. However, Chicago style does allow two exceptions: you may use an additional horizontal line if 1 you need to separate added numbers from their total, or 2 if you have multiple levels of column headings within a table. Every table should appear flush with the left margin. Immediately above the table, provide its number, followed by a colon, followed by a short but descriptive title:.

Include the same information, with the same formatting, as in a parenthetical citation —i. End this line with a period:. Be sure to also include the full citation for this source in your References or Bibliography section.

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Neither the title nor the source line should be double-spaced. By contrast, NB uses numbered footnotes in the text to direct the reader to a shortened citation at the bottom of the page. This corresponds to a fuller citation on a Bibliography page that concludes the document. Though the general principles of citation are the same here, the citations themselves are formatted differently from the way they appear in Author-Date.

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If you are using CMOS for school or work, don't forget to ensure that you're using your organization's preferred citation method. For examples of these two different styles in action, see our CMOS sample papers:.

Run in at beginning of paragraph no blank line after , boldface or italic type, sentence-style capitalization, terminal period. This means that most citations will now begin with the title of the resource, rather than the contributors' names. Year of Publication. In a society of control, a politics of conduct is designed into the fabric of existence itself, into the organization of space, time, visibility, circuits of communication.

And these enwrap each individual life decision and action—about labour [sic], purchases, debts, credits, lifestyle, sexual contracts and the like—in a web of incitements, rewards, current sanctions and foreboding of future sanctions which serve to enjoin citizens to maintain particular types of control over their conduct.

These assemblages which entail the securitization of identity are not unified, but dispersed, not hierarchical but rhizomatic, not totalized but connected in a web or relays and relations.

chicago turabian format paper Chicago turabian format paper
chicago turabian format paper Chicago turabian format paper
chicago turabian format paper Chicago turabian format paper
chicago turabian format paper Chicago turabian format paper
chicago turabian format paper Chicago turabian format paper

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