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HU MW amam. A lively and wide-ranging introduction to the plays of William Shakespeare: comedies, histories, tragedies, and romances, in print, on stage, and as adapted for television, film, and other media, from the early modern period to the present. In addition to giving novices and Shakespeare buffs alike a thorough grounding in the content and contexts of the plays themselves, this course aims at developing students' abilities to analyze, interpret, and take pleasure in linguistic complexity, to think critically and creatively about the relationship between text and performance, to experiment with reading like an actor, a director, a costume designer, a queer theorist, an anti-theatrical Puritan, or a sixteenth-century playgoer, and to explore enduring issues of identity, family, sexuality, race, religion, power, ambition, violence, and desire.

Lectures are complemented by weekly discussion sections, conversations with practicing theater artists, a trip to the Beinecke Rare Books Library, and opportunities to see plays in performance.

Expressive Function:

Study of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century gothic fiction and the persistence, resurgence, and adaptation of gothic tropes in twentieth- and twenty-first-century film, television, and prose. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , and Dracula. Prerequisite: First years must have taken a WR seminar course in the fall term.

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Exploration of Arabian Nights , a classic of world literature. Topics include antecedents, themes and later prose, and graphic and film adaptations. HU MW 9amam. Study of modernist literature and the historical formation of homosexual identity from the late nineteenth through mid-twentieth centuries.

Language And The Language Of Language

Topics include: sexology as a medical and disciplinary practice; decadence and theories of degeneration; the criminalization of homosexuality in the Wilde and Pemberton-Billing trials; cross-dressing and drag balls in Harlem; transsexuality and sex-reassignment surgery; lesbian periodical cultures; nightlife and cruising; gay Berlin and the rise of fascism; colonial narratives of same-sex desire in Arabia and the South Pacific; Caribbean sexual morality; and the salon cultures of expatriate Paris.

Introduction to the long history of media as understood in classical and foundational and even more recent experimental theories. Topics involve the technologies of modernity, reproduction, and commodity, as well as questions regarding knowledge, representation, public spheres, and spectatorship. Special attention given to philosophies of language, visuality, and the environment, including how digital culture continues to shape these realms. An examination of justice, mercy, and the law in drama, film, and writings from disciplines at the intersection of literature, law, ethics, and religion.

Reconsidering the usual binaries of convict and victim, self and other, judgment and forgiveness from antiquity to the present, the seminar gives voice to enduring questions about the brokenness of freedom, human rights, and the status of religious belief.

The seminar models a gracious and inclusive learning community, seeking to move past the paralysis that often occurs in well-meaning conversations on politics and controversial social issues. A practicum in acting verse drama, focusing on tools to mine the printed text for given circumstances, character, objective, and action; noting the opportunities and limitations that the printed play script presents; and promoting both the expressive freedom and responsibility of the actor as an interpretive and collaborative artist in rehearsal.

The course will include work on sonnets, monologues, and scenes. Admission by audition. Preference to seniors and juniors; open to nonmajors.

The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay

The impact of this experimental literary movement on such twentieth and twenty-first century critics and poets as T. WR , HU T amam. Examination of African American literary texts within their archival context; how texts were planned, composed, revised, and received in their time.

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Students pair texts with archival materials from Beinecke Library, including manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera. HU W amam. An interdisciplinary exploration of the Romantic poet William Blake and his literary and visual engagements with the work of the Renaissance poet John Milton. Survey of Native North American cultures of print through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Explores the continuum between adaptations of European technologies of writing and community-specific practices of graphic communication that pre-date colonization. How was print used as a weapon in the fight for representation, land, and sovereignty? How do we read creative print including poetry, novels, and short stories alongside overtly political writings like treaty documents, tribal histories, and speeches?

MW pmpm. Examination of the intersections between African American and Southern literatures, with consideration of the ways in which the American South remains a space that simultaneously represents and repels an African American ethos. HU MW ampm.

This course on 20th and 21st century poetry studies the non-symbolic use of familiar objects in poems. We meet alternating weeks in the Beinecke library archives and the Yale Art Gallery objects study classroom to discover literary, material, and biographical histories of poems and objects. Additionally, there are scheduled readings and discussions with contemporary poets. Assignments include both analytical essays and the creation of online exhibitions.

WR , HU W pmpm. Attempts since the late nineteenth century to imagine, in literature, cinema, and social theory, a world different from the existing world. The merging of political critique with desire and anxiety; the nature and effects of social power; forms of authority, submission, and resistance.

HU M amam. This course examines how to identify, interview, and document human rights violations in the field while reporting on war. It is aimed at students who want to work as journalists, advocates or policy makers, or anyone who wants to work as a practitioner during a conflict or humanitarian crisis. The instructor brings her twenty-five years as a field reporter in war zones into the classroom: the goal is to make the learning functional.

The course teaches students how to compile their findings in the form of reports and articles for newspapers, magazines as well as advocacy letters, op-eds, and Blogs. Each week focuses on a theme and links it to a geographical conflict. Course open only to juniors and seniors. The course provides an introduction to English-language novels of the long eighteenth century , the period in which the novel has traditionally been understood to have "risen.

How does narrative sequence impart political or moral implications? How do conventions of the novel form shape our experience of gender? What kind of being is a narrator? Topics include her experiments with literary form, her approaches to questions of sexuality, gender, race, and imperialism, and her legacy today. The engagement of the Victorian novel with the world of politics. Emphasis on how systems interact with individual agents to make stories and how methods such as realism, romance, and the courtship plot portray the mechanics of government.

This course leads from the premise that our primary relationship with the textual object, and perhaps most particularly to the forged textual object, is epistemological: we want to believe—but in what? We consider what methods and questions can yield the most complex and intriguing answers, and grapple with our own impulses to make meaning, particularly when it comes to objects that do not quite conform to our expectations or perhaps conform to our expectations a little too closely, as forged materials often do.

WR , HU M pmpm. Exploration of forms of love and desire in Victorian literature, with attention to their philosophical, historical, and aesthetic contexts. How history licensed or constrained the Victorian erotic imagination; how the pleasures of reading and looking shaped nineteenth-century aesthetics; how desire drives literary genres such as the sonnet sequence, the sensation novel, elegy, the love letter, aestheticist prose. Visits to the Yale art collections inform discussion. This is a course on the interrelations between philosophical and literary writing beginning with the English Revolution and ending with the beginnings of Romanticism.

We read major works in empiricism, political philosophy, and ethics alongside poetry and fiction in several genres. Survey of major ideas, writings, and cultural movements that have shaped American life and thought from to Assignments encompass works of fiction, philosophy, social and political thought, and film. Study of central works by three foundational writers of the nineteenth century.

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Cultural and historical context; questions concerning American identity, ethics, and culture, as well as the function of literature; the authors' views on the intersections of philosophy and religious belief, culture, race, gender, and aesthetics. Readings include novels, poems, short fiction, and essays. A survey of literature's role in anticipating and constructing potential futures since Early Anglo-American and European futurism during the years leading up to World War I; futures of speculative fiction during the Cold War; futuristic dreams of contemporary cyberpunk.

What literature can reveal about the human need to understand both what is coming and how to respond to it. Introduction to major movements and figures of modern poetry with emphasis on formal innovation, avant gardes, and the relation to poetic tradition. Exploration of the life of English literature in the colonial and postcolonial world, from the nineteenth century to the present.

English Language and Literature Essay

Close reading of literary texts, publishing statistics, school textbooks, film, and postcolonial theory. Topics include canon formation, education reform, colonial publishing, gender and education, global Shakespeare. Historical survey of feminist and queer theory from the Enlightenment to the present, with readings from key British, French, and American works. Focus on the foundations and development of contemporary theory. Shared intellectual origins and concepts, as well as divergences and conflicts, among different ways of approaching gender and sexuality.

For some, the university has always upheld the interests of traditional elites, privilege and inequality; for others, it should be a transformative institution for overcoming social ills and divisions of class, race, religion, and gender. Coetzee, and then concludes with notable twenty-first century works on this subject by Zadie Smith, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Sally Rooney.

This seminar examines the intersections of postcolonialism and ecocriticism as well as the tensions between these conceptual nodes, with readings drawn from across the global South. Topics of discussion include colonialism, development, resource extraction, globalization, ecological degradation, nonhuman agency, and indigenous cosmologies. The course is concerned with the narrative strategies affording the illumination of environmental ideas. We begin by engaging with the questions of postcolonial and world literature and return to these throughout the semester as we read the primary texts, drawn from Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia.

We consider African ecologies in their complexity from colonial through post-colonial times.

essays on english language and literature Essays on english language and literature
essays on english language and literature Essays on english language and literature
essays on english language and literature Essays on english language and literature
essays on english language and literature Essays on english language and literature
essays on english language and literature Essays on english language and literature
essays on english language and literature Essays on english language and literature

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