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This is certainly the most important factor of a job satisfaction. For instance, Pranav Mistry mentioned in one of his interviews regarding the successful presentation of 3G, that he started the project because he felt it was an extremely challenging and socially responsible assignment. Another important factor could be setting up the goals.

A goal is the first step towards the destination. Thru focused attitude even the toughest goals could be achieved.

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For example, I did not know excel macro while I was in college. However, now I am working on that in my job. This could happen just because I had a goal to learn it after college. One more important factor could be appreciation. Most of the employee expects a confirmation that their hard work is being noticed. For instance, an award or a certificate could boost the confidence and it could motivate the employee to work on the next goal.

I believe the job satisfaction should be very important for everyone because a job is not a short-term mission.

It is very difficult to continue uninteresting work for a longer period. Sample Answer 6: No matter whether we work for living or we live for working, this is a stark reality that working covers the majority time of our lives and job satisfaction factors have been always considered important by workers. According to science management which has been embedded in Taylor studies, Money is the best element to encourage workers and make them happy from their jobs, but it has been proved that money is not the only factor or enough and some other elements should be implemented to make employees satisfied.

These days the culture of a company plays a critical role to contribute to the job satisfaction. Put another way, the office culture helps workers to be interested in their jobs or vice versa. For instance, in some cultures, managers just specify some duties for workers and ask them to do.

However it is not possible to make all of the workers satisfied in a company as anyone has a different character and individual aspects, at present various ways to get job satisfaction have been recognized and developed and a successful manager is someone who can find the best approach to increase the average of job satisfaction in the company. I think, therefore, job satisfaction should be considered as the most important topic in management studies and managers should develop some meeting to transfer their experiences about job satisfaction elements to each other.

Most of the people turn to work in the office environment because nowadays farms and agricultural products have less value. Firstly, there are many factors that influence the job enjoyment.

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A good working environment that includes job security and better salary is the main and most important thing which helps each employee to be happy. Then comfortable seating and adequate lighting are other factors. For instance, if a person works in an information technology department, his work needs a comfortable seating and lighting arrangement. Next is about timing as people like to work for a fixed hours like seven to eight hours.

But according to women they wish to work less than that because they have household works and need to take care of their children. Leave and day off is another contributing factor to provide job happiness.

For example, employees who work as shift duties they have to work on public holidays, so it leads to unhappiness for them. When we think about the reality of job satisfaction, it should come from ourselves. Most of the people have to make their job environment-friendly and balanced. First of all, when we get a job offer letter, we have to think about the satisfaction that we might get from that job. Most of the people are looking for a better salary only. In such cases, they may need to sacrifice some factors, like working at night time and doing on call duties.

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If an employee has any difficulties at working environment, he can raise the concern to the human resource department, because in all companies they have employee satisfaction department for their employees. To conclude, I believe that job pleasure and satisfaction is important in workplaces because if there is a good working environment and employees are happy, their productivity and enthusiasm to work will be better.

Even though there are many things which make workers happy, it should be contributed from ourselves. Sample Answer 8: Majority while away at work, spend a great deal of time of their lives that it is important how they feel about their jobs and how much satisfied they really are. Job satisfaction from their employment is the most valuable factor for their personal gain and to spend time at offices. Job satisfaction depends on personal favour for the job and background of the working place.

However, all employees can't expect satisfied jobs always. Firstly, every person prefers to do an occupation for his own anticipation. However, they hope that job will satisfy and aid them to gain their lives successfully. For example, if someone loves dancing, singing, art or sports, they should find their career according to their favour. If they fix upon other professions, they could not be satisfied to their jobs and the will become bored to continue it. Employment plays an influential role in adult life because personal and family expenditure runs through the occupation.

In addition, the environment of the office is another important factor for job satisfaction and it rests on the employer and other office staff. For instance, if an employer is unable to co-operate with employees and more rigid rules and regulations adapt to the company, then workers will dislike working there.

Furthermore, office staff should be warm-hearted persons and give the helping hands to each of other. Thus, an employer should take care of his workers and these types of factors create better satisfaction on job surrounding.

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The Paramount conclusion from the study was that when management made positive changes to the working environment, employees productivity increased. In today's workforce many evolving factors affect job satisfaction. Job satisfaction by definition is an employee's attitude about their job. Some factors that affect job satisfaction today are job security, benefits, compensation using ones innovative skills and abilities, how employees get along with their supervisor s and co-workers, flexibility in their work-life balance and feeling a sense of belonging to the team or organization.

Relevancy Job satisfaction has a huge impact on a company's profitability. There has been a deluge of research that concludes employees who are happier work harder which leads to greater productivity. This subsequently increases a company's financial success. There are numerous ways to increase job satisfaction amongst employees and identifying methods that are affective.

Merely paying someone a hefty salary will not cause them to be satisfied and productive with their job. Companies have also utilized the strategy called results only work environment ROWE. Employees have an assigned amount of work to do and when they complete their work, they're free to leave. Employees are measured by how much work they get done not by how long they stay at the office.

The ROWE method allows the employee to balance work and life demands. Employees don't feel rushed to be at their desk at precisely am and fight traffic before hand to be at work on time. Schedules can be flexed or modified to accommodate child care issues, appointments and other life engagements.

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This in turn motivates employees to get their work done at their pace and when the job is done, they simply move forward with their life for the day. Strengths Employee job… Show More. Instructor Resources… Words - Pages Job Satisfaction Essay 1.

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This company has been around since opening their doors in the year and presently has about 75 employees, and with the current state of the economy this business is growing quite rapidly… Words - Pages 3. Job Satisfaction Essay Satisfaction obtained from work is considered as a more and more crucial way to achieve happiness. To specify, employees often long for opportunities to be given a better position in a company. Additionally, there are also those like perks, such as free lunch or company car, an incentive schemes give increment above the rate of inflation or sickness benefits when employees fall ill and company retirement schemes all combine to make job satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers would be far reaching. By this means, it is hard for every workers to find a job including all contributing factors like above. Moreover, in many circumstances, employees maybe even face up with other adverse working conditions.

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Unsociable hours jobs, for example, in which people often work late into the night which in turn makes them easier to have working-related disease. As well as this, other employees also have a lot of pressure and worry because their jobs are very demanding, as a result, they are likely to suffer from stress-related illnesses. Overall, in my view, job satisfaction could be attributed to money, promotion and other incentives. To benefit from jobs, there is no need to find a job including all contributing factors like above, but let them find a job which suitable for their purpose.

Sentence: In fact, job satisfaction depends on the job have and the conditions under which they are employed. Description: The tag a verb 'to have', uninflected present tense, infinitive or is not usually followed by and Suggestion: Refer to have and and. Sentence: To benefit from jobs, there is no need to find a job including all contributing factors like above, but let them find a job which suitable for their purpose.

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what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay
what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay
what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay
what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay
what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay
what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay
what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay
what factors contribute to job satisfaction essay What factors contribute to job satisfaction essay

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