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Music is basically the control of sound. I think music in itself is healing. The best choice you will have is listening to your favorite type of music.

African Music

You can just turn on your compact disc player and have a great time listening to your music collection. The company you work for has just gone out of business.

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In some way, shape and form, people listen to music. For Christians, specially those at bible college, this can be in chapel day to day.

African Music Research Papers

Many people love listening to this kind of music and they love going to concerts where these bands are playing. Going to concerts and listening to music is the whole part of the music industry. I know and hope that it will continue to do so. Wallis and Malm pointed two possible directions that the world's music may take:. The continuation of the transcultural process in the future can take one of two main directions.

The interaction of transculture and individual culture will either continue in a to and fro movement where more and more musical features will become common to more and more music cultures.

The end of such a path would be the attainment of a global music culture available to almost everybody We would then live in a music environment that would give a little satisfaction to a lot of people, and a lot of satisfaction to very, very few The other main direction would involve the emergence of a multitude of types of music arising out of new living conditions and new musical technologies, at the same time as traditional music is adapted to new environments where, albeit with some changes, it can be put to similar uses and functions as in a traditional society.

My own research in Finland not one of the countries included in the MISC project , showed that in spite of being widely imitated in various forms, Western popular music did not replace indigenous music, but was combined with the existing musics in the culture. This resulted in a greater diversity of musical styles than ever before.

During the last hundred years, the most significant phenomenon in the global history of music has been the intensive imposition of Western music and musical thought upon the rest of the world. And surely an important aspect of this event is the formidable number of responses that the world's cultures have made in order to maintain, preserve, modify or virtually abandon their musical traditions.

While the coming of Western music is often seen as the death-knell of musical variety in the world, examination of its many effects shows the world's musics in the twentieth century, in part as the result of the pressure generated by Western musical culture, in a state of unprecedented diversity [my emphasis].

The fear that music around the world would move towards a bland homogeneity simply has not materialized. On the contrary, in our age of instantaneous communication, cross-fertilization of musics on a global scale has resulted in the creation of a multitude of diverse musical styles. Cassette technology made possible not only the wide dissemination of Western popular music, but also the dissemination of indigenous musics.

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Locally recorded cassettes are easily duplicated and sold inexpensively enough to reach a wide audience. These cassettes may contain any of the diverse styles available today, from purely traditional, to forms adopting global popular norms. Surprisingly, local music industries have had a recent impact on the global market. Just as multi-national companies sought to market Western popular forms abroad, so they looked for "exotic" musics to market in the West. This has led to one of the many definitions of world music, one invented by the record industry to market a genre that combines traditional ethnic music and Western popular music.

After much discussion they chose the term "World Music," which was soon picked up by the media and became the standard term for this music in the international record industry.

A-Star - Kupe Dance (Official Video) #KupeChallenge

In May , Billboard magazine established a bi-weekly "World Music" chart, which lists the top fifteen selling albums in this "new genre. Two factors signaled the advent of world music in its commercial definition: the first was the uncommon success of reggae in the mainstream commercial market. With the increasing popularity of world music over the past decade, there has come a plethora of specialized publishers and vendors with names such as Music of the World, World Music Institute, World Music Press, World Music Enterprises, and Original Music, which publishes a quarterly World Music Catalog.

They also helped entrench the term as an alternative to "ethnic" or "non-Western" music. The Era of Cultural Diversity. As ethnic and foreign musics enter the Western commercial main-stream, they bring the possibility of greater understanding, or at least familiarity with other cultures.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the United States , where many cultures and ethnic groups are thrown together in the same environment. The United States was once called a "melting pot," on the theory that with intermingling and intermarriage, each succeeding generation becomes more "Americanized," forming a homogeneous whole. But a more accurate analogy might be that of a fruit salad, with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds mixing and co-existing. As we have slowly abandoned the melting pot ideal, we have come to value diversity, and even to emphasize it.

We live in an era when cultural diversity is in fashion.

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African Music

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african music term papers African music term papers
african music term papers African music term papers
african music term papers African music term papers
african music term papers African music term papers
african music term papers African music term papers
african music term papers African music term papers
african music term papers African music term papers

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