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It isn't unique to Duke. I took food to my defense and that was a while ago. Julia Gaffield. It was just something to keep my mind focused on something other than the defense," Gaffield said. The peanut buttery cookies Julia Gaffield served had personal meaning. Her mother regularly used this recipe when Julia was growing up in Canada. They became particularly popular among the members of Gaffield's basketball team as well as her brother's.

The recipe got its name because team members frequently requested them. To view the recipe, click here. I must have wanted some cookies then and wrote it down to encourage her to make them.

Her mother made some alterations. The original recipe, with Mama Gaffield's edits, is printed below:. Cream together the peanut butter, butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs and vanilla until light and fluffy. Combine oats, flour and baking soda; stir into peanut butter mixture. Drop big spoonfuls onto ungreased baking sheets. Cook at degrees for minutes or until lightly brown.

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Cool on rack. Go to Kroger and buy at least two boxes not one! Arrange cookies on plate in an aesthetically pleasing manner. But two years later, and less than a year away from her final dissertation defense, Gaffield welcomed the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen instead of the library stacks.


A lot of professors go beyond what is required to help the graduate students. All it takes is two or three hours of your time and you have a treat for them as a way of saying thanks. Baking the cookies served its purpose, she said: It gave her something to do and got her mind focused and relaxed. Imagination goes into some baking efforts. Music graduate student Angela Mace said she's considering making apfelkuchen, an apple cake much favored by the subjects of her dissertation, Felix Mendelssohn and sister Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel.

For his dissertation defense, biology student David Garfield got together with a friend and baked sugar cookies shaped like sea urchin larvae, the subject of his research. We shaped them like larvae sea urchins because adult urchins are harder to do. Then we decorated them but, honestly, I don't think we did a great job.

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The students who take the store-bought approach don't have to worry about burning cookies, but they do share Gaffield's desire to relieve stress. And when I got a question, it helped to take a bite of something and think about the answer before I spoke. Kara Slade remembers one frightening moment from her qualifying examination before three mechanical engineering faculty members. What's the Difference?

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food defense dissertation Food defense dissertation
food defense dissertation Food defense dissertation
food defense dissertation Food defense dissertation
food defense dissertation Food defense dissertation
food defense dissertation Food defense dissertation
food defense dissertation Food defense dissertation
food defense dissertation Food defense dissertation

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