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Amongst other benefits, decentralisation promotes greater experimentation, better matching of services to local preferences and greater competition between providers of government-funded services. Fiscal decentralisation is associated with higher national income, better school performance and higher levels of investment. In particular, the decentralisation of revenue-raising powers has a stronger effect on performance than the decentralisation of spending. The evidence suggests that increasing the local share of taxation from 5 per cent to 20 per cent still low by G7 standards could raise GDP per capita by 6 per cent.

With especially low levels of revenue decentralisation, and as a large country, the UK is in a particularly good position to gain from transferring powers and revenue-raising responsibilities from central to local government. The federal government should have a very limited number of powers including defence, foreign affairs and border control and a small parliament and executive.

Secondly, there should be radical decentralisation of powers within Scotland and RUK to local government. Rather, control should be at local level unless functions cannot be performed locally.

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Current UK government proposals to devolve powers to cities do not deal with the problems identified by this research and may well exacerbate them. Centralisation would be prevented by requiring unanimity amongst the parliaments of all the individual nations as well as agreement of the federal parliament before any further powers were passed to the federal UK level. Local authorities could join together to provide some functions, such as policing, where local geography or other circumstances made that desirable.

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In addition, there should be complementary reforms to promote autonomy for individuals, families and civil society institutions, especially in relation to health and education. Theses would come from user charges and from some combination of the following taxes to be determined at local level: taxes modelled on the current Council Tax; land value taxes; taxes on business property; natural resource levies; consumption taxes; variation in income taxes; and tourist taxes.

Firstly, revenue must be raised by the layer of government that is undertaking spending. Secondly, one layer of government must not bail out the debts incurred by any other layer of government. To prevent the problems seen in the euro zone, the central bank would not accept Scottish or RUK or English, Welsh and Northern Irish if appropriate bonds as collateral in monetary policy operations.

To read the press release, click here. Prof Philip Booth. Mary's having previously been Director of Research and Public Engagement. Previously, Philip Booth worked for the Bank of England as an adviser on financial stability issues and he was also Associate Dean of Cass Business School and held various other academic positions at City University.

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