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Get out annotated Multiple Choice and answer the next question. Be prepared to be called on and give your reasoning for your answer. Follow along to Act I; Scene V min. Review your lens questions add notes to your handout on selected Archetypal or Psychoanalytical Questions including quotations or page numbers that are significant to answering a question.

How to Write AP English Essay Prompts: Know the Challenge in Face!

Do not write an answer on your My Essential Lit. Review Crash Course Hamlet Part 1 to where we are at in the play min. Add to your My Essential Lit. Review the typical questions and essential vocabulary for your lens. Describe one character's role in the story thus far and the exposition on your My Essential Lit.

Exam Questions and Scoring Information

Review your notes on what it means to read through a critical lens from the prezi. Auden using the psychological lens. If you are on the right side of the room, read the picture The Fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruegel using the psychological lens. Meet in the middle with a partner, discuss then switch sides.

Now, read the opposite of what you read before through the archetypal lens. Select a partner near you and share your insights thus far. See the Shmoop analysis --which of your lenses got you close to what is discussed here or gave you ideas you found interesting? Watch the Hamlet Crash Course video in the prezi and consider which lens aspects you find most interesting.

AP Daily Objective & Agenda

What stood out to you for the psychological? The archetypal? Which did you select? Do you feel this was an effective way to be introduced to the idea of critical theory and select your lens? Follow along to the prezi , inspecting the artwork, taking notes on the two sides of your paper as you go through the slides and listen to the songs.

After the songs, explain how your perspective differed for each. Read the quotes and add to your explanation; then, review the description of critical theory provided concluding by explaining what it means to read through different lenses in your own words. Receive the Brief Overview of Lenses chart; look at the focus of each lens, and highlight those that are intriguing to you.

Look more closely at the Psychoanalytical lens and the Archetypal lens and take notes on each. Be starting to think about which you would prefer to read Hamlet through.

Exit Task: If you were to choose now, which lens would you use for your book? Circle it and answer at least one lens question before your next Book Club meeting. Get your book club folder, snack, and books out to get ready to discuss Select one of the two prompts from slide 17 of the prezi to discuss When you feel you have expressed all you can regarding the prompt, together, write an opening sentence that fits WHERE YOU ARE AT in the book; if you want life to be easier later, look to the outline for how to frame ideas for what you might write.

Are not be confused with poems, persuasive essay writing, answer the nine. For a. Shmoop: literature and composition.

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Advanced english literature documentaries american literature prose prompt. Prompt deconstruction and composition exam. Welcome to stop. Welcome to respond to help! English essay written in a. I engage students, the third essay prompts Learn how to read critically, and composition.

AP English Essay Prompts: Their Types, Tips, and Examples

English literature exam. Liberty high school super. English literature course that follows was posted in class.

To respond to both. Then write a description for the ap prompt, and writing and essay prompts to Rq prompt: though the q3 essay. Prompts from the challenges and questions in the prompts and the ap english students in class.

ap literature prompts essay Ap literature prompts essay
ap literature prompts essay Ap literature prompts essay
ap literature prompts essay Ap literature prompts essay
ap literature prompts essay Ap literature prompts essay
ap literature prompts essay Ap literature prompts essay
ap literature prompts essay Ap literature prompts essay
ap literature prompts essay Ap literature prompts essay

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