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I was hoping for motivated kids, eager to learn, attentive to my every word. Instead, I got Spencer, who thought class was a good time to train his basketball skills by tossing crumpled speeches into the trash can from afar. When I was younger, I thought that a good teacher was one that gave high-fives after class. Later, of course, I knew it was far more complicated than that.

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I thought about teachers I admired and their memorable qualities. They were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring.

Their classes were always fun, and they always taught me something. There was plenty I wanted to teach, from metaphors to logical fallacies. But most importantly, I wanted my students to enjoy public speaking, to love giving speeches as much as I did. They loved their subject and passed that love on to their students. Every day for two weeks, I searched for creative ways to inspire and teach my students.

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I helped London speak on her love for art; I had Arnav debate about cell phone policies in schools. And by the end of the camp, I realized that my sixteen students all saw me not as a high school student, but as a teacher. I was on the other side of the teacher's desk, but I hadn't stopped learning. Each day, I was learning how to communicate more effectively, how to deal with new challenges and circumstances, and how to be a better teacher. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

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