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The admissions data in the graph is self-reported by applicants to University of Colorado Boulder. GPAs are unweighted. Find out how you compare to accepted students, see the real-time graph, and calculate your chances of getting in with a free Cappex account. The University of Colorado Boulder, which accepts over three-quarters of applicants, has a slightly selective admissions process. In the graph above, the blue and green dots represent accepted students. The higher those numbers, the better. You'll notice very few rejected students red dots or waitlisted students yellow dots in the upper-right corner of the graph.

Share Flipboard Email. Allen Grove is an Alfred University English professor and a college admissions expert with 20 years of experience helping students transition to college. Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. We have gotten some questions about the prizes and what you can win. Here are the answers to all of your questions.

Keep playing trivia! See you Thursdays! Once the trivia questions is posted, you will have one hour to correctly answer the question. Choose your answer wisely- you only get one guess per round. If you correctly answer the trivia question with in the hour you will receive one CU discount coupon to the bookstore- valid for up to one year. The first person and fifteenth person to answer the question correctly will win. You can play thrivia as many times as you want throughout the year, but you can only win one gift gertificate per academic semester.

If you continue to play trivia and we hope you do! During Epic Trivia Thursdays- there will be a winner for each individual round as well as one grand prize winner. To win the grand prize you must be the first person to answer all posted questions correctly with in the hour that they are posted. Check out what he has to say about new cultures, academics, and the overall experience compared to other programs. What did you like about Semester at Sea? Learn anything cool you want to share? To me staying in one country for a whole semester did sound appealing, but what drew me specifically to Semester At Sea was the idea that I would get a more holistic picture of the world; be able to compare and contrast different countries and see ways in which the world is connected that I previously never would have thought about.

I looked at the world through a very American lens. Japan is super efficient, its people are extremely hospitable, and real ramen is amazing. China on the other hand, is much more fast paced, and there are so many people everywhere. It completely blew me out of the water to see the striking differences when I was expecting very few. Semester at Sea opened my eyes and allowed me to see the world through a more realistic and worldly lens as opposed to the American one I was so comfortable with.

How was the overall expereince? How does it compare to other study abroad programs?

What We Look for in Your Application | University of Colorado Boulder

What is great about the program is that all classes are interlocked with the ports of call. I was constantly learning so much about all the countries I visited before we docked. So actually getting a chance to visit and live out what I was learning in class helped to make a deeper more meaningful educational experience. Plenty of my friends studied in one place for a whole semester Barcelona, London, Rome, etc.

Yet the difference was when they went to another country, they were going for a weekend vacation to Paris or Venice. Where I on the other hand was able to really learn a ton about all the places I visited all while having the time of my life. That was my semester.

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  • Admissions Rate: 79.8%.

Any other reason needed to sail around the world and see 13 different countries?! I think not! Thanks David! Initially Colorado was not even on my radar.

University of Colorado Boulder: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics

At the suggestion of my high school counselor and my grandparents who live in Colorado I applied and got in. Once I got back all of my acceptances, my family and I did the college visit thing and when visiting Boulder I instantly fell in love with the campus, the atmosphere and the people. Nor-Cal is very similar to Boulder, the atmosphere is laid back and everyone is super nice. When it finally came down to it, I chose the snow over the constant rain at the other school.

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The day you get to campus, get involved! Anything you want to do, CU has it, and if they don't you can make it happen. Start that club you never got the chance to start at your high school, do more community service, or even learn a new sport Boulder is very much a college town, which is a great atmosphere to live in for four years of your life. The happiest students get involved no matter which school you choose. Loved it! I lived on an all guys floor in Stearns West which is in Williams Village.

There was an all girls floor right above us which made our floors unique.

Admission Requirements

We had a number of social activities put on by out Residential Advisors to allow us all to mingle and meet each other in a relaxed environment. My RA was great. He encouraged us to get involved. I ended up being the floor President for my floor and it gave me a leadership role my first year on campus.

First Year How to Apply

My roommate was great. He was a cool guy and we had a lot in common. Just remember to set some boundaries and rules with your roommate and things will go just fine. It was pretty easy. It is nice to go somewhere else for college, but its not too far as to feel completely lost. California and Colorado are very similar and that is apparent in the number of CU students from here. How can you beat days of sun? Do not bring everything you own to school with you. Remember, you have to bring it all back with you or store it in Boulder.

Make friends with in-state students this is kind of a given , they have cars and you can share rides to Target, or the ski resorts. Be a pro at getting to and from the Denver International Airport. Remember, it's the AB bus! Hey everyone! So by now if your mycuboulder accounts are active you've noticed some changes.

Everyone who had an active account before we updated the system should have received an email with a new username and step by step directions on how to update everything. A few students were having trouble with this process, so it seemed like a good idea These directions are the content of the email that was sent to all students with an active account.

If you didn't receive this email, contact mycuboulder colorado. Please wait to receive the e-mails and do not submit multiple requests. Once you receive the e-mails keep them in a safe place for future reference. If you are a prospect or applicant for more than one University of Colorado campus, you may receive multiple e-mails about your new user name. Your user name and password are the same for all campuses so once you reset your password for one campus it is applicable for all. If you should have any difficulty resetting your password, please contact University Information Systems at isisprodsupport cusys.

The process for "admitted" students is the same as above. We're excited to see you on campus in August. Just a reminder that the deadline for Housing to guarantee your roommate request has passed so if you make a roommate request now, it is unlikely Housing can honor your wish. Questions about your Housing application? Check out housing.

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Hey Everyone! Just wanted to send out a quick update regarding the upcoming national confirmation deadline of May 1st.

CU-Boulder Application Tip: Letters of Recommendation

Please, please login and check to see if your MyCUBoulder portal is working because this is where you have to make your decision.

cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
cu boulder application essay Cu boulder application essay
Cu boulder application essay

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