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Charlotte’s Web

Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Patricia Bernstein , Teacher Follow. It was fun to see his persistence. Wilbur got a bit injured, and tears started falling down his face.

Charlotte told him to give up because he was missing two key things — knowledge and the body parts he needed. Wilburn said Charlotte was wise and that he was driven to do it by a whimsy. While they were talking about life a lamb came and told Wilbur he smelled bad. The night was coming and Wilbur felt tired.

He went to sleep and told Charlotte to finish her web.

Charlotte's Web Themes

Wilbur wondered whether Charlotte was really planning on saving his life. She told him not to worry because she was still coming up with a plan and she gave him the same response every time he would ask. Wilbur would have loved to be able to help himself out.

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Charlotte advised him to take care of himself and eat well because that was the only way he was able to help himself. Willbur went to see if he had any food in his bowl and Charlotte told him to go and take a nap after eating. Fern loved their conversation, after which Wilbur went to sleep.

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Charlotte was still working hard on the escape plan. She thought that if she pondered enough on the problem the solution will just come to her. It was made out of thick rope tied to a fence.

It was the perfect swing. Avery had a little frog with him all the time. He and Fern were getting tired so they went to the stable to hang out with the animals. Avery saw the spider web and wanted to catch Charlotte and it scared Wilbur. He knew it would be the end of Charlotte. Accidentally Avery broke the egg Templeton had and an awful smell spread across the stable. Avery ran home and Fern started crying because of all that had happened. The goose was very proud of it and Templeton was sad about losing his egg but still, he managed to mention the importance of guarding everything.

The lamb asked what they will do about the smell because it made it impossible for them to live there in peace.

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The rat said they will adjust. It was lunch time, and the worker felt the awful smell. Wilbur had a nice meal, and he decided to leave some of the food for Templeton. Charlotte was still making her web, and the other animals were napping. There was a miracle on the farm. When the worker saw it, he actually believed it was a miracle. It was foggy outside, so the web stood out in the barn. Homer told all about it to Edith, and she wanted to see it with her own eyes.

The three of them went to the stable and spent an hour observing the web. Charlotte was proud of her good work. Homer looked at Wilbur one more time and told his work he always thought Wilbur was special. Homer went to visit a priest wearing his nicest suit. He had to tell him all about the miracle in the pigsty. The word spread fast across the village and people came to see the wonderful pig. Everyone was saying that they had never seen a pig like that before.

See a Problem?

All eyes were on Wilbur and there was a big crowd in the pigsty. Charlotte called up a meeting in the stable and the only one missing was the rat. She asked for suggestions for a new title because the old one was getting boring. The animals gave their suggestions but none of them were any good. The oldest sheep said Templeton could help because he had many old magazines which could help them find a new title.

Templeton came and the sheep told him about the magazines. Templeton started thinking and ended up agreeing to help. Charlotte was working hard on her web and the new title with the other animals. She made progress letter by letter. Charlotte comforted herself and cheered for herself. The next morning the worker saw the title and proclaimed it another miracle. Homer and Edith came to witness it.

Edith said it would be a good idea to call the press because their pig was extraordinary and it was something to be noted. The crowd gathered once more in the stable to look at Wilbur while he strutted around. The worker did his job and Wilbur was ready for the County Fair. Near the orchard was a junkyard where Templeton spent his time gathering all sorts of things. He would find old newspapers and take them to Charlotte but he also finds a lot of useless articles. After searching for a while he found one article whose title indicated Wilbur should be capable of doing something extraordinary.

Charlotte asked Wilbur to do some tricks and show her what he can do in general. Charlotte was convinced that with time he will become extraordinary. Wilbur asked Charlotte to tell him bedtime stories. After the first one he wanted to hear another one and he wanted her to sing him a lullaby. She was tired of talking to Fern, but the girl immediately started talking about the amazing stories Charlotte would tell. Her mother was agitated after the story and asked Fern again to stop inventing.

Then she told her about another cousin. Her mother said it would be better for her to spend some time with kids her own age instead of being with the animals all the time. Fern said her friends were in the stable and she went there leaving her mother wondering what to do with her. She decided to ask doctor Dorian to talk some sense into her daughter. The doctor told her there was nothing to worry about because Fern was just a little girl and that her behavior will change a lot.

Her mother felt more peaceful and she went home. The crickets would announce the end of summer every day and it made Fern, Avery and Edith feel melancholy. Summer was the most beautiful time of the year with long days and warm night but the crickets felt obliged to announce the ending of summer every time fall came near. It was also a sing that new jobs are going to be done. The animals knew that after hearing the crickets they would have to make most of their time outside eating delicious fruits because during the winter they will be locked in the stable waiting for spring.

Wilbur made good progress and he became a pig every owner would be proud of. More visitors came to see him and admire him.

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  6. Ever since Charlotte wrote the first words, Wilbur always tried to look his part. He would blink to the visitors, jump around, twist over and turn. Homer would always say that his pig was clearly extraordinary. Sometimes he would think about the future and whether Charlotte saved him forever from death or was it just temporary. He disliked the nights because he would dream people coming for him with knives. Charlotte also had a lot on her mind. It was time for her to plant her eggs like every year. Wilbur was surprised about her planting eggs every year.

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