Beowulf 3 battles essay

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Mad with anger, she breaks upon the door of the hall and sizes one of the men and flees to the fen where she lives. Beowulf was absent for the hall on that night.

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He is quickly summoned by Hrothgar to deal with this female monster. Hrothgar promises further treasure to Beowulf if he can seek out and destroy the monster woman in her dwelling place.

She has an air of mystery around her and she represents the primeval force of evil inhabiting the earth. Beowulf jumps into the swirling pool and comes to the bottom of it.

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She grabs Beowulf and carries him to her under sea-home. Beowulf struggles with her in a hand to hand fight. He grabs her by the shoulder and pulls her to the floor, but she is about to pierce Beowulf with her dagger. Beowulf springs to her feet and sees a sword of the giants among the monster woman belonging. With this Beowulf stabs her. She dies and Beowulf rejoices over his victory. Here God has a more important role to play. Beowulf realizes that his own mortal strength in the face of such evil would be inadequate.

The final fight Beowulf has to fight is that dragon. This occurs in his own country, Geatland. After the death of Hygelec and his son, Heardred, Beowulf becomes king of the Geats and for fifty years he governs his people as a wise ruler.

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Then a fire-dragon begins to ravage the country-side because a man of the Geats steals an ornamented cup from a treasure-hoard being guarded by the fire dragon. With eleven comrades, Beowulf goes to face the Dragon.

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Beowulf The Literary Epic Poem English Literature Essay

The story described a perfect hero. He was strong, an outstanding fighter and very loyal to all who came into his presence.

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The story gives examples of his great courage and his fierce strength. In the story, Beowulf took on sea monsters and crushed them in his grip.

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When Beowulf went into battle, he believed in a fair fight. He believed that no fighter should have the upper hand. Beowulf didn't always fight hand-to-hand "fairly".

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In fact the interesting thing about the story is that as Beowulf becomes more and more reliant on material goods such as people, treasure, weapons, etc. As the 3 battles Beowulf takes part in progress, he attains more material goods.

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In the first battle against Grendel, he kills him with his bare hands. In the 2nd battle against Grendel's mother, he brings hrunti? The only thing Beowulf ever asked for is for the citizens to acknowledge him as their savior and leader. But this quote has a deeper meaning than Beowulf being in the front of every battle. He wanted to stand-alone and be the only hero to protect his people.

Beowulf : The Epic Of Beowulf

Like the Bible, Beowulf thought he should be the only person worshipped and looked up to for protection against evil. After all, he proved to the people he is capable of defeating any monster that threatens their safety. But what makes him immortal is the legacy he left behind for the people to believe in and follow.

This was accomplished through Wiglaf, his predecessor, who spread the word of Beowulf and his service to everyone in Herot. Beowulf was a spirit projected into a human being who demonstrated his belief on pride.

beowulf 3 battles essay Beowulf 3 battles essay
beowulf 3 battles essay Beowulf 3 battles essay
beowulf 3 battles essay Beowulf 3 battles essay
beowulf 3 battles essay Beowulf 3 battles essay
beowulf 3 battles essay Beowulf 3 battles essay
beowulf 3 battles essay Beowulf 3 battles essay

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